Our Story So Far…

Football. Soccer. Fútbol. Whatever you call it, there’s no denying that this game is beautiful. Uniting people across the globe our game is played in every single country on the planet. Bridging gaps between age, sex, race, and class the beautiful game is also the most democratic and inclusive. That’s what makes it special.

What started as a project for friends and teammates has quickly grown into a thriving business.  Founded in 2018, our team determined there was a need for a smaller, soccer-specific brand for serious players and it’s been quite a journey since then!

Our Values…

PASSION: The magic of this game lies in the passion of the people involved.  Our mission is to fuel that passion.

AFFORDABILITY: There is a dire need for unique affordable gear for players and fans alike.  No more ripoffs by big brands that don’t know anything about our passion for the game.

INNOVATION: We always stay ahead of the game because innovation is key.  What can we bring to you to take your game to the next level or fuel your passion?

Our Players…

Marked by abundant creativity, inventiveness, or productivity, prolific players are always ahead of the game.  If you score goals, create chances, defend with reckless abandon, and share a passion for the beautiful game, Prolific FC is the club for you.

Together, the beautiful game becomes more than a sport, it becomes a religion!